About Dondaicha Warwade

Dondaicha Warwade is a village in the district of Dhule in Khandesh Region in Maharashtra. It falls under Sindkheda Taluk but administered by a Municipal Council.  

About Dondaicha-Warwade

The village comes with a modern history and the municipal council of the village is in existence since British rule. In the year 1905, the first train to this village was operated and even today this is a major station in Surat-Bhusawal railway line. During British reign, they used this village as their godowns which led to the village as a major trade centre. Right from British era, the town is well-known for the production and marketing of chillies. 

Geography of Dondaicha Warwade

Dondaicha Warwade is situated at 21.3333oN 74.5667E. The total area of the town is 32.5 Sq Km.

Climate of Dondaicha Warwade

The climate of the town is local steppe climate and it experiences little rainfall throughout the year. Koppen and Geiger have classified the climate as BSh. The average annual temperature of the town is 27.3oC and the annual average rainfall is 593 mm. May is the hottest month whereas January is the coldest month. 

Administration of Dondaicha Warwade

The town is administered by a Municipal Council which is in existence since 1952. The strategic location of the town has led to the development of all the public utility services. The town is divided into 23 wards for which elections are held once in five years. The municipal council supplies the town with all the basic amenities such as water, sewerage, build roads, imposes taxes on properties, etc. 

Business and Economy in Dondaicha Warwade

The town is popular for the production and marketing of chillies. Apart from that, the town is also a major pilgrim centre. 

Culture of Dondaicha Warwade

People belonging to all religion live here in harmony.

Tourism in Dondaicha Warwade

Dondaicha Warwade is a major pilgrim centre for Hindus as it comes with several Hindu temples. Some of the famous temples of Dondaicha Warwade are Gopal Krishna Mandir, Saptashrungi Mandir, Shree Ram Mandir, Ganpati Mandir, Hanuman Mandir, Mahadeo Mandir, Santoshi Mata Mandir, Saibaba Mandir and Swaminarayan Mandir. However, Gopal Krishna Mandir is some 75 years old temple which was built during the British reign by Shankar Maharaj. For the past 75 years, annual fair of bhajans and kirtans take place in this temple.

Dondaicha Warwade also has a famous mosque which is named as Jama Masjid Imam Ahmed Raza Chowk. 

Services and Utilities in Dondaicha Warwade

Because of the strategic location of the town, development of several public utility services in Dondaicha Warwade town has taken place which also helps in the smooth functioning of businesses and peaceful life of the people of Dondaicha Warwade. Let’s see here some of the public utility services available here. 

Municipal Office in Dondaicha Warwade

The address of Municipal office of Dondaicha Warwade is as follows:

Dondaicha Warwade Municipal Corporation
Near Shivaji Statue, SH 6
Dondaicha Warwade
Maharashtra 425 408

Electricity Office in Dondaicha Warwade

The address of electricity office in Dondaicha Warwade is 

MSEB Office
At Post Dondaicha
Near Shivaji Statue
Behind Girls High School
Maharashtra 425 408
Tel: 1800-233-3435, 1800-200-3435
Website: www.mseb.com

Water Services in Dondaicha Warwade

The water supply of Dondaicha Warwade is taken care by the Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority (MWRRA) and the address is as follows:

9th floor, Centre 1
World Trade Centre, Cuff Parade
Mumbai 400 005
Tel: 022-22152019
Website: www.mwrra.org

Banking Services in Dondaicha Warwade

The following banks operate in Dondaicha Warwade:

State Bank of India
Behind ICICI Bank
Dondaicha Warwade
Maharashtra 425 408
Tel: 1800-425-3800
Website: www.sbi.co.in

Near Nandini Jewellers
Shivaji Road
Dondaicha Warwade
Maharashtra 425 408
Tel: 9021667777
Website: www.icicibank.com

Bank of Maharashtra
Near Petrol Pump, Shivaji Road
Dondaicha Warwade
Maharashtra 425 408
Website: www.bankofmaharashtra.in 

Rotary Cooperative Bank
Shivaji Road, Sarvoday Colony
Dondaicha Warwade
Maharashtra 425 408

Postal and Courier Services in Dondaicha Warwade

The address of post office in Dondaicha Warwade is: 

Dondaicha Warwade Sub Post Office
Dondaicha Warwade
Maharashtra 425 408
Tel: 02566-244040

The following courier service operate in Dondaicha Warwade:

The Professional Couriers
Jugnu Chowk, Opp Central Bank
Dondaicha Warwade
Maharashtra 425 408
Tel: 09403259862
Website: www.tpcindia.com 

Telecom and Broadband Services in Dondaicha Warwade

BSNL telephone exchange as well as private telecom companies operate in Dondaicha Warwade.

How to Reach Dondaicha Warwade

Dondaicha Warwade is well connected by road with other major cities of the Maharashtra state. MSRTC buses and private buses operate here. Dondaicha Warwade is a major railway station on Surat- Bhusawal railway line and all regular trains that pass by this station stops here. Mumbai International Airport is the nearest airport to Dondaicha Warwade which is situated at 384 Kms. From the airport, the tourists can travel by public or private buses or hire a taxi or travel by train to reach Dondaicha Warwade. 

Quick Facts about Dondaicha Warwade

Government - Municipal Councillor  
Area - 32.5 Sq Km
Population as per the 2011 census - 46,767
Time zone - IST
Postal Index Number - 425 408
STD Code - 2566
Official Languages - Marathi

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